1. All Surplus food items & beverages are listed at a minimum of 50% discount.

2. A 15% commission fee applies on each item successfully ordered via the rescueBite website or mobile App.

3. Payouts are scheduled weekly on Mondays at no cost. Requested daily payouts incur a small fee 3% transaction fee to cover the bank charges. Please allow one day and bank settlement duration, which is usually 2-3 business days. PLEASE NOTE: Banks will not process payments on Weekends and Public Holidays, so expect your Friday and weekend payments to be processed on the following Monday and your public holiday payments to be processed the next working day.

Device fee (optional): If you DO NOT have an Android or iOS mobile device (Tablet or Smartphone) to accept rescueBite orders on your rescueBite Store App, you can pay a ZAR3,500.00 one-time fee to cover your Tablet and its Tablet Stand Holder along with the rescueBite App installed, plus rescueBite signage and stickers. Delivery is free!

Included in our partnership: rescueBite covers these following important costs to make your life easier and bring you even more value to the partnership.

We cover credit card/transaction fees: We know these fees can add up. So we pay for transaction fees on orders made by customers using the rescueBite App so you don’t have to.

Promotions reach new users: We’re always experimenting with new ways to expose you to more customers, like special promotions and loyalty programs.

Delivery costs are covered: When you partner with rescueBite, your Store doesn’t have to pay individual delivery people using the rescueBite platform.