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Please note that we are not in any way representatives, affiliates or marketers of the listed food businesses, brands nor their food.

To ensure your safety and to maintain quality of your food orders; please note that we conduct background checks on all our delivery partners and their delivery vehicles to ensure that they are compliant with all industry regulations to handle and deliver your food to you. We also send daily reminders to all our delivery partners reminding them to take better care when handling your food and practice contactless delivery.

By using our rescueBite platforms (mobile App and/or website), you agree to indemnify and not hold responsible our listed food businesses and delivery partners against any liability, harm or loss.

By using our rescueBite platforms (mobile App and/or website), you further indemnify and not hold responsible rescueBite against any liability, harm or loss.

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rescueBite Terms and Conditions

Last modified date: 28/02/2021

1. Contractual relationship

In addition to these terms specifically applicable to Africa, these terms of use ("Terms") also apply to your personal access to or use of "rescueBite" Apps, website, content, products and services (“the Service”) provided by rescueBite in any country in the world. rescueBite is a private limited company established in South Africa.


Please read these terms carefully before accessing or using this service.


By accessing and using this service, you agree that the contractual relationship between you and rescueBite is bound by these terms. If you do not agree to these terms, you will not be able to access or use this service. This clause expressly replaces the previous agreement or arrangement with you.


Supplementary terms may apply to certain parts of this service, such as policies for specific events, activities or promotions, and we will disclose to you the scope of these supplementary terms applicable to this service. In order to standardize the relevant parts of this service, the supplementary clause is a supplement to this clause and should be regarded as a part of this clause. If there is a difference between the supplementary terms and the terms in the application of this service, the supplementary terms shall prevail.


rescueBite may revise these terms, any policies, and supplementary terms (including community guidelines) related to this service from time to time. If there are any major changes to these terms, policies or supplementary terms that are harmful to your rights under these terms and affect your rights, rescueBite will notify you via a window, email or application push function on the webpage 7 days before the terms change. Such changes will take effect when rescueBite posts updated these terms here, or when the service releases changed policies or supplementary terms. If you continue to access or use the service after the updated terms are released, or the notification period expires (whichever occurs later), it means that you agree to be bound by the updated terms.   


rescueBite may also launch experiments on behalf of our partners, including but not limited to changes in the app’s features and/or fees, which may affect certain user groups. Your continued access or use of this service means that you agree to the experimental terms.


We collect and use personal information related to this service in accordance with rescueBite’s privacy policy. If there are complaints, disputes, or conflicts involving you, restaurant partners, and/or delivery partners, and each piece of information or information is needed to resolve the complaint, dispute, or conflict, rescueBite can provide it to the claims processor, competent authority or insurer Any necessary information (including your contact information).


2. About rescueBite

rescueBite is a technology platform that connects you and restaurants (and other related businesses, collectively referred to as "restaurant partners") so that you can order delivery products (such as meals and beverages) from restaurant partners.


When you use the rescueBite app to find a restaurant and place an order with that restaurant, the restaurant partner will receive the order request and start preparing the product (if the restaurant partner chooses to accept the order). Some restaurant partners may provide the option of self-pickup, but in other cases, the goods will be delivered by the delivery partner at the request of the restaurant partner. If the product needs to be delivered, the restaurant partner can request the delivery through rescueBite’s market mechanism and sign a contract with the delivery partner, so that the delivery partner can deliver on behalf of the restaurant partner. Delivery partners can use rescueBite's driver app to accept delivery requests from restaurant partners.


You understand that rescueBite or its affiliates are not restaurants or meal preparation vendors and are not responsible for the following obligations of restaurant partners. After accepting the order, the restaurant partner will be responsible for fulfilling your order, preparing the product and making it of acceptable quality and standard, and ensuring that the information (including information about the menu items) on the rescueBite app is correct. Restaurant partners need to obtain relevant licenses and comply with relevant laws, regulations and guidelines, including their country’s requirements for meal preparation, handling, packaging or safety.


You understand that neither rescueBite nor its affiliates provide delivery services, and that the delivery partners are not responsible for the following obligations. Delivery partners include rescueBite's auto freight company partners who have obtained a transportation license in their country and their use of the rescueBite driver app to accept and meet on-demand requests for delivery services, and provide delivery services to restaurants. (Hereinafter referred to as "delivery partner") The responsibility of the delivery partner should be included in compliance with applicable laws, regulations and standards (including any requirements for food safety in their country), while using appropriate skills, caution, and diligent professional attitude Deliver items from restaurant partners to you.  


Unless rescueBite agrees and contracts with you separately, you may only use this service for personal and non-commercial purposes. The main body of rescueBite in Africa is rescueBite.

3. Terms and conditions for using rescueBite website and App 


Subject to your compliance with these terms, rescueBite grants you a limited, non-exclusive, indivisible, revocable, and non-transferable license to: (i) access and use the application only on your personal device to use the service; and (ii) access and use any content, information and related materials that may be provided through the service, but in various cases only for your personal and non-commercial purposes. Any rights not expressly granted are reserved by rescueBite and its licensors.



You must not: (i) delete any works, trademarks or other proprietary notices in any part of this service; (ii) reproduce, modify, create derivative works, distribute, license, rent, sell, resell, transfer, or display publicly , Public presentation, transmission, streaming, broadcasting or otherwise using the service, unless expressly permitted by rescueBite; (iii) decompiling, reverse engineering or dismantling the service, unless permitted by applicable law; (iv) linking, mirroring or Falsify any part of the service; (v) cause or activate any program or script to intercept, index, measure any part of the service or otherwise conduct data mining, or unduly hinder the operation and/or of any aspect of the service Function or increase its burden; or (vi) attempt to access or affect any aspect of the service or its related systems or networks without authorization.


Third-party services and content.

This service may be provided or accessed in a manner related to third-party services and content (including advertising) that are not under rescueBite's control. You acknowledge that your use of such third-party services and content may be subject to different terms of use and privacy policies. rescueBite does not endorse the third-party services and content, and under any circumstances, rescueBite is not responsible or liable for any products or services of such third-party providers. In addition, if you use apps developed for Apple iOS, Android, Microsoft Windows or Blackberry mobile devices to access this service, Apple Inc., Google, Inc., Microsoft Corporation or BlackBerry Limited and/or its applicable international subsidiaries and related companies will become third-party beneficiaries of this contract. These third-party beneficiaries are not signatories to this contract and are not responsible for providing or supporting this service in any way. You must comply with the terms contained in the applicable third-party beneficiary terms of service when you use these devices to access the service. 



This service and all rights in it always belong to rescueBite's property or the property of rescueBite authorized parties. Neither these terms nor your use of the service transfer or grant to you any of the following rights: (i) rights to the service or rights related to it (except under the limited license granted above); or (ii) use or use Any reference to rescueBite or its licensors’ company names, logos, product and service names, trademarks or service marks.

4. Use of this service

User account.

In order to use most of this service, you must register an individual user service account ("_account_") and keep the account active. In Africa, you must be at least 16 years old to obtain an account. If your age is between 16 years old and adult (defined as 18 years old according to your country’s law), you must obtain the consent of your parent or legal representative and use this service under their direct supervision, and your parent /The parent or legal representative must review and agree to these terms before you use this service.


When registering an account, you must provide certain personal information, such as name, address, mobile phone number and age, and at least one valid payment method (credit card or debit card or other payment partners we accept). You agree to keep your account information accurate, complete and current. If you fail to keep your account information accurate, complete and up-to-date, including invalid or expired payment methods in the file, you may not be able to access and use the service. You are responsible for all activities under your account, and agree to keep your account username and password safe and confidential at all times. Unless rescueBite gives otherwise in writing, you can only have one account.


User requirements and behaviour.

This service is not for people under 16 years of age. If your age is between 16 years old and adult (defined as 18 years old according to your country’s law), you must obtain the consent of your parent or legal representative and use this service under their direct supervision, and your parent / The parent or legal representative must review and agree to these terms before you use this service. You must not authorize a third party to use your account. You may not transfer or otherwise transfer your account to any other person or entity. You agree to abide by all applicable laws when using this service, and you can only access or use this service for legitimate purposes (for example, not to transport illegal or hazardous materials). When you use this service, you will not cause nuisance, annoyance, inconvenience, or property damage to your partner or any other party. In some cases, you may be required to provide proof of identity or other means of identity verification to access or use this service, and you agree that if you refuse to provide proof of identity or other means of identity verification, you may not be able to access or use this service.


Send a newsletter.

By creating an account, you agree that the service may send you informational text messages (SMS), which is part of the normal business operation when you use the service. You can unsubscribe at any time. You confirm that if you choose not to receive text messages (SMS) anymore, your use of this service may be affected.

User-provided content.  

rescueBite may allow you to submit, upload, post or otherwise send text, audio and/or video content and information to rescueBite through this service from time to time, including comments and feedback on this service, sending support requests, submitting competition and promotion related Entry (" User Content "). Any user content you provide is your property. However, by providing user content to rescueBite, you grant rescueBite a permanent, irrevocable, transferable, license-free license worldwide, giving it the right to distribute and distribute in all forms currently known or subsequently generated Channels to send sublicensing, use, copying, modification, derivative creation, distribution, public display, public presentation and any other forms of development of such user content (including related to this service and rescueBite business and third-party websites and services) without Notify you separately or obtain your consent without paying you or any other person or entity.


You hereby declare and guarantee:


(i) You are the sole and exclusive owner of all user content, or have all the rights, licenses, consent rights and waivers required to authorize rescueBite for the above user content;


(ii) User content or user content submitted, uploaded, posted or used by other means by you, or rescueBite's approved use of user content will not infringe, infringe, or violate the intellectual property rights or ownership rights of third parties, Publicity or privacy rights, or violation of any applicable laws or regulations.


Regardless of whether the material is protected by law or not, rescueBite reserves the right to determine whether the previous content constitutes defamatory, slanderous, abominable, violent, obscene, pornographic, illegal or other offensive. rescueBite may (but is not obligated) to review, monitor, or delete user content at any time for any reason at its sole discretion without notifying you. 


Network permissions and equipment.

You are responsible for obtaining the necessary data network permissions to use this service. If you access or use this service through a wireless device, you may incur mobile network data and message fees and charges, and you must pay such fees and charges. You are responsible for obtaining and updating compatible hardware or equipment necessary to access and use this service and this application and any updates. rescueBite does not guarantee that this service or any part of it will run on any specific hardware or device. In addition, this service may experience failures and delays inherent in using the Internet and electronic communications.


5. General ordering terms


When you place an order through the rescueBite mobile app, we will send the order information to the relevant restaurant partner to start processing your order. Orders will be limited by the saleable status of the restaurant partner’s merchandise and the delivery partner’s ability to deliver. The supply contract for the meal or other goods you ordered is established when the restaurant partner accepts the order and we notify you to confirm that your order has been accepted. You will be obliged to pay for all orders and related shipping costs for meals or other commodities ordered using your account.


Wrong order, missing/incorrect/damaged meal products

If you believe that there is a wrong order for the delivered meal product, or your order item is missing, incorrect or damaged, please contact rescueBite support via phone or WhatsApp or LiveChat or email and provide relevant details immediately (within 48 hours after placing the order). Late time will not be accepted. We may also need you to provide photos to show related issues. We will review the relevant information. If the review is true and is not attributable to you, we will refund the part of the affected product according to the method you used to pay for the order (but cash payment can only be refunded to Your rescueBite Wallet account), and if the entire order is affected, we will also deal with the freight part accordingly.


Before refunding the fee, we will consider relevant factors, including order details, your account history, events during the delivery process, and information provided by restaurant partners and delivery partners.



If the goods you ordered are not fresh, perishable, or personal hygiene products, you can return them within 7 days after the arrival of the goods in accordance with the provisions of the Consumer Protection Law. If the goods you ordered are fresh, perishable, or personal hygiene products, they cannot be returned after purchase.


If you need to process a return, please follow the following rules:


1. Bring the ordered items to the original store

2. Show your mobile phone and provide the order number on the rescueBite app


The store has the right to make the final decision on the status of the returned goods. If the return details are not provided, we will not be able to refund


Delivery and pick up

When you place an order, you have the option of delivery or self-pickup (if your city provides this option) to choose immediate delivery/self-pickup service or scheduled delivery/self-pickup service.


(i) Delivery

The delivery time shown at the top of your order is the estimated delivery time, including many factors: (a) the usual time it takes for the restaurant partner to accept and prepare an average order, and (b) our estimated delivery partner from outside the restaurant, the transit time required for delivery to the delivery location.


Restaurant partners and delivery partners will do their best to deliver the meal at the estimated time of arrival and no later than our estimated latest delivery time. The actual delivery time will depend on the busyness of the restaurant partner, the number of your orders, traffic conditions, weather conditions and other conditions.


Please make sure that the correct delivery address and contact number have been posted on the rescueBite app to ensure that your order is delivered to the correct location. If you want to change the delivery address after placing the order (before the delivery partner goes to pick up the meal), and if the new location you want to change is also within the delivery area of ​​the restaurant partner, we may have the opportunity to help you change the order. If the new location is outside the delivery area of​​the restaurant partner, the restaurant partner has already started to prepare the meal, and/or the delivery partner has gone to pick up the meal, you will be required to pay the full price of the meal and shipping.


If the delivery time of the meal you ordered is delayed or you have not received the meal you ordered, if the itinerary does not show the completion status, you can log in to your account and directly contact the delivery partner of the order to inquire about the order status. Unable to solve your problem or show that the delivery partner has completed the delivery, please immediately contact our support and provide the order details, rescueBite will provide assistance immediately, if the review is true and is not attributable to you for any reason, as a result, for any fees you have paid, we will refund you in full in the same way you chose to pay (but cash payments can only be refunded to your rescueBite Wallet account). We may also provide a credit line to your account to reflect the inconvenience caused to you.


When the meal is completed and delivered to you, all meals or food risks will be transferred to you at the same time.



You must ensure that the food delivery location you specify is safe and passable to ensure that the delivery partner can deliver the meal to you smoothly. If there is no route for the delivery partner to pass through, and the delivery partner cannot deliver your order, you will be responsible for the meal products and shipping costs. Undeliverable situations may also occur: If the delivery partner has arrived at the delivery address and tries to contact you, but you cannot answer the phone or respond to the text message within ten minutes after the delivery partner actually arrives at the address you provided the delivery partner, the delivery cannot be completed and you will have to pay the full amount for your order.


(ii) Self-collection

If you choose "Pick Up" when placing an order, you will be notified when (1) the restaurant partner accepts the order, (2) the estimated completion time of the order, and (3) when the order is completed. When your order is confirmed by the restaurant partner, you will have to pay for it.


Please make sure you pick up your meal from the restaurant partner at the estimated time of order completion. If it is not possible to pick up the meal at the estimated completion time of the order, the restaurant partner reserves the right to regard the order as fulfilled.



(i) Cancelled by the orderer

Our cancellation policy varies according to the status of your order:


Cancel before the restaurant partner accepts the order

You can cancel your order through the rescueBite app at any time before the restaurant partner confirms the acceptance of the order, and get a full refund for any fees you have paid.


Cancel after the restaurant partner accepts the order

If you want to cancel the order after the restaurant partner accepts the order, you should contact our support team or call the restaurant partner directly. Our support team will assist in contacting restaurant partners. If the restaurant partner confirms that it has started preparing the order and cannot accept the cancellation, we will not be able to provide you with a refund. If you cancel your order directly through the rescueBite app, you still have to pay for the meal you ordered.


Cancel the order while the delivery partner is going to pick up the meal

If you want to cancel the order while the delivery partner is going to pick up the meal, you will have to pay for the meal and delivery fee.


If you choose cash payment as your payment method and the refund cannot be completed, the credit card linked to your rescueBite account will be charged before you place an order.


(i) Cancellation by restaurant partner

Sometimes the restaurant partner may cancel your order because the meal item is no longer available and/or there is no cooperating delivery partner. At this time, rescueBite will notify you through the app that the order has been cancelled. You will not have to pay any fees for this, and for any fees you have paid, we will refund you in full in the same way you choose to pay. We may also provide a credit line to your account to reflect the inconvenience caused to you.


6. Payment

For each order placed on rescueBite, you will pay the restaurant partner's meal fee for the meal product and the delivery fee (collectively referred to as the "fee"). Delivery costs will vary according to different factors such as delivery distance, but you will see the amount you should pay at the total amount of the pre-announced bill, and you can decide for yourself whether to proceed with the order. Each restaurant partner has the right to decide on its own the fees for meals and the ordering options provided on rescueBite. The information may be different from what you actually see in the restaurant.  


The payment of this fee is done by rescueBite as a limited agent of the restaurant partner's payment collection, on behalf of the restaurant partner. Completing the payment of the fee through the aforementioned methods and paying directly to the restaurant partner should be considered the same. This fee should include tax. Unless determined by rescueBite or in compliance with your country’s Consumer Protection Law, the fee you paid is the final amount and is non-refundable. All the fees should be deemed to have expired, and rescueBite will assist in collecting the fees according to the priority payment method set in your account. rescueBite will send you a receipt by email after deduction. If the priority payment method you set is determined to have expired, is invalid, or other problems occur so that the payment cannot be deducted, you agree that rescueBite will deduct the second payment method set in your account based on the identity of the limited agent of the restaurant partner’s payment collection agency (If applicable). In some cases, you can choose to pay directly to the restaurant partner in cash when the order items are delivered. You can select the "cash" payment option in the rescueBite app before placing an order. 


Offer serial number.

According to rescueBite's additional terms for each promotion serial number (" Promotion Serial Number "), rescueBite itself may decide to issue a promotion serial number to compensate for credit or other functions or benefits related to this service and/or services provided by third-party transportation providers. You agree that the promotion number: (i) must be used for the intended audience and purpose through legal means; (ii) may not be copied, sold, transferred or disclosed in any way (whether in public or other forms), unless it is clear from rescueBite Permission; (iii) may be invalidated at any time by rescueBite with at least 3 days’ prior written notice; (iv) can only be used in accordance with the special terms established by these promotional serial numbers; (v) cannot be exchanged for cash; and (vi) may be It expires before you use it. If rescueBite reasonably believes or believes that the use or redemption of the promotion number is wrong, deceptive, illegal, or violates the applicable promotion number terms or these terms, rescueBite reserves the right to use the promotion through you or any other user The right to retain or deduct other functions or benefits from the serial number.   

7. Disclaimer clause; limitation of liability; compensation

Limitation of liability within the scope of local consumer laws



Except as required by rescueBite in accordance with consumer protection, this service is provided on an "as is" and "as is" basis. rescueBite does not make any express, implied or statutory statements and warranties that are not expressly listed in these terms, including any implied warranties of merchantability, fitness for a specific purpose, and non-infringement. rescueBite also does not make any statement, guarantee or guarantee regarding the reliability, timeliness, quality, applicability or availability of this service or any service or product obtained through the use of this service, or the uninterrupted or trouble-free operation of this service. rescueBite also does not guarantee the service quality, suitability, safety or service capability of restaurant partners, delivery partners and/or delivery services. You agree that, to the maximum extent permitted by applicable laws, including your country’s Consumer Protection Law, all risks arising from your use of this service and any related services or products are related to you. 


Make up

You agree to compensate rescueBite and its affiliates for any and all claims, demands, losses, responsibilities and expenses arising from or related to the following matters: (i) your use of this service or the services or goods you obtain through the use of this service; ii) You fail to perform or violate any of the provisions of these terms; (iii) rescueBite uses your user content; or (iv) you infringe on the rights of third parties, including restaurant partners and/or delivery partners (" Loss ").


If and within the scope of any such losses directly caused or caused by rescueBite, your liability under this Article shall be reduced in proportion.


8. Termination of account

If rescueBite reasonably suspects the following, rescueBite may immediately restrict your access to or use of the Service or any part of the Service without notice:


  • You have or may violate these terms; and/or
  • You do not meet or may not meet the eligibility for accessing and using this service in accordance with applicable laws, rescueBite and its affiliate standards or policies.


rescueBite may terminate these Terms or any of the Services, or suspend the provision and deny you access to the Services or any part of the Services in general:


  • If rescueBite reasonably suspects the following matters, it will terminate immediately:


1. You have or may have violated this clause materially;

2. You do not meet or may not meet the eligibility for accessing and using this service in accordance with applicable laws, rescueBite and its affiliate standards or policies; or


  • rescueBite may, for any legal business, legal and compliance reasons, reasonably terminate these terms or any of this service with 15 days prior written notice.


If you violate the community guidelines, rescueBite can immediately restrict or revoke your access to the service at any time, and it does not constitute a restriction of rescueBite's other rights under these terms.


You can terminate these terms at any time through the application for any reason. If you delete your rescueBite account, your account will be deactivated immediately. After 15 days, your account will be permanently deleted. rescueBite may retain certain information as required or permitted by law after the account is deleted. 

9. Governing law; arbitration.

Any dispute, conflict, claim or disagreement arising from, or broadly related or related to this service or this clause, including its validity, its interpretation and its enforcement power ("dispute"), there are many resolution mechanisms available to you. The customer complaint procedure operated by rescueBite or its affiliates allows you to file customer complaints against rescueBite and restaurant partners and/or delivery partners. rescueBite or its affiliates also assist in the refund of such customer complaints. rescueBite or its affiliates will manage the customer complaint process in a reasonable manner. In addition, you can file a customer complaint against fair trade or consumer law agencies in accordance with applicable laws, including matters that cannot be excluded under your country’s Consumer Law.  


Except as otherwise provided in these terms, these terms shall exclusively apply your country’s law as the governing law and interpretation, and exclude the application of conflict of laws. In the event of a dispute, both parties agree to file a lawsuit in the District Court of their country, or submit to final and binding arbitration, or other alternative dispute resolution methods agreed by both parties.


Any legal procedures, including documents and pleadings submitted by both parties, communications from mediators, communications issued by arbitrators, orders and rulings, shall be strictly confidential and shall not be disclosed to any third party without the express written consent of the other party, unless: (i ) Disclosing to the third party is reasonably necessary for the execution of the mediation or arbitration legal process; and (ii) The third party has unconditionally agreed in writing to accept the confidentiality obligations under this clause.


10. Other terms

Claims for copyright infringement


Claims for copyright infringement should be sent to an agent designated by rescueBite. 



rescueBite may send general notifications through this service; send an email to your email address in your account; and send a written notification to the address recorded in your rescueBite account information. You can send the notice in writing to rescueBite’s support email address:


General conditions.

You may not assign or transfer all or part of these terms without rescueBite's prior written consent. You authorize rescueBite to transfer or transfer all or part of these terms to the following individuals or entities: (i) subsidiaries or affiliates; (ii) assignees of rescueBite equity, business, or property; or (iii) successors after mergers and acquisitions. The contract between you and rescueBite or the use of this service will not establish any joint venture, partnership, employment or agency relationship between you, rescueBite, or any third-party transportation provider.   

If any clause of this clause is deemed illegal, invalid or unenforceable in whole or in part under any law, the clause or related parts shall be deemed not to belong to this clause, and the legality, validity and validity of the remaining clauses Enforceability should not be affected. In this case, both parties shall, in accordance with the content and purpose of this clause, replace the illegal, invalid or unenforceable provision (or part) with a legal, effective and enforceable provision (or part) as much as possible. Illegal, invalid or unenforceable provisions (or parts). These terms, including any policies contained in these terms, constitute a complete agreement and understanding of the subject matter between the parties, and replace and replace all previous or contemporaneous agreements or commitments on the subject matter. The provisions of this article do not limit your rights as a consumer that cannot be excluded under applicable laws, including your country’s Consumer Protection Law. In these terms, the word "including" means "including but not limited to".