More benefits for your business

Good connections:

Access delivery people using the rescueBite platform and connect with customers searching for food in your area.

Simple order management:

The dashboard shows the status of each customer’s order. And after you join, we can help you integrate with your existing POS, where possible.

Marketing opportunities:

We offer lots of ways to get you in the spotlight. In fact, we’re always showcasing our restaurant partners to rescueBite app users.

Support team:

From the day you sign up, we will help you get set up for success and will always be an email away.

Insightful, actionable data:

Bring your performance into focus with sales, service quality, and customer satisfaction data.

Access to innovation:

We hope you'll join us on the cutting edge of the industry.

Technical support:

We are here 24/7 to support you and your business! Chat with us through our live chat or direct all queries and complaints to

A network of people, at your service:

Delivery people using the rescueBite platform help you get food to your customers. When everyone connects on the platform, everyone wins — especially your business.

A platform on the move:

When customers order on the rescueBite app, the rescueBite platform connects you to delivery people that get your food to customers — supported by our tech.

Helping you deliver further:

Your city has delivery people using the rescueBite platform who are on bikes, scooters, and driving cars. By joining the platform you can expand your delivery zone.

Transparent tracking for customers:

If you partner with rescueBite, your customers can track their entire order in the app at each step. Our tech estimates food prep times — which you can adjust if you need to — and smart dispatching.

Efficiency for big orders:

More than one order at a time? A single delivery person may arrive to reduce your in-house traffic by delivering food to more than one customer. Big order? A car instead of a bike may arrive, where possible.

The rescueBite platform helps you look great:

Delivery people using the platform can help you get your food where it needs to be, making customers very happy.

Professional delivery people:

We help connect you to delivery people using the rescueBite platform. With each order, the app provides notes from restaurants and customers to help delivery people offer reliable service.


You and your customers can leave feedback in the app to let delivery people know what you think about the delivery.


Delivery people using the app get access to cash-back on gas, daily treats, and more.

Delivery is only the beginning:

You make the goods. We can help you grow. Reach new people, get valuable data, and unlock innovative ways to expand with flexible delivery options. For whatever type of restaurant you run, we're dedicated to your success.

Boost your entire business:

We also help restaurants with operations, marketing, and expansion, starting on day one.

How rescueBite works for you:

With rescueBite, you're getting the partnership, tools, and data to help restaurants like yours thrive in a changing industry. Here’s where we fit in at each step.

Setup and support on day one:

With a starter kit and free food photo shoot, plus our order and menu management software, we get you looking great in the rescueBite app and ready to satisfy customers.

Get set up for success:

Support starts on day one, with hands-on help to get your restaurant up and running in the rescueBite app.

Get ready for your first order:

From creating your menu to adjusting your hours, here's what to expect when getting set up for rescueBite.

Setting up with rescueBite:

Now that you’ve signed up for rescueBite, learn about the steps you can take in your first week to start taking orders. If you haven’t already, we encourage you to sign up for our live webinar training where you can learn more about the setup process and ask any questions you have.

Day 1: Your first steps: 

Welcome to rescueBite! It’s time to get your restaurant up and running. To access rescueBite Manager and real-time alerting from anywhere, anytime, download the mobile app.

Ensure you get paid by adding your banking and tax information:

Step 1

Log in to your online portal – You should have received an email titled “Welcome to rescueBite”, where you’ll find a link to either login (using your same email address) or create an account. To reset your password, click “Forgot password”.

Step 2

Upon login, if you haven’t already you’ll be prompted to add your:

Uploaded / linked menu.

Menu hours.

Cuisine types.

Pick-up instructions (optional).

Preferred date to go live (optional).

Step 3

In order to get paid, you’ll need to navigate to the Payout Details tab in rescueBite Manager and (1) scroll down and add your banking details.

Download the rescueBite Manager mobile App:

To access rescueBite Manager and real-time alerting from anywhere, anytime, download the mobile app.

POS integration with rescueBite:

You count on your point of sale system to run smoothly so your business can, too. That’s why we offer our partners flexible solutions to integrate rescueBite with your current POS.

Already a partner? If you'd like to integrate your POS, contact or your account manager.

Our integration options:

We build the integration:- If your workflow permits, we can build a solution that connects the rescueBite platform to your restaurant or POS system’s APIs.

We deliver local software:

If your APIs can’t be accessed, we may be able to provide local software you install to run in the background of your POS.

You control the integration:

If you prefer to handle integration, we can help your tech team or POS provider build to our APIs.

Days 3-5: Receive your tablet (if applicable):

If you are using a rescueBite tablet, read the information below to learn how to find tracking information for your tablet and let your staff know when it will arrive. If you are using your own device, proceed to days 3–7 to start accepting orders.

Track your rescueBite tablet:

Tracking information:- Your tablet tracking information will be sent by our tablet distributor.

Tablet status:

To get an update on your tablet status, contact rescueBite support at

Other device options:

If you’re still waiting for a rescueBite Tablet and want to use your own in the meantime, proceed to days 3–7 to start accepting orders.

1. Your rescueBite platform starter kit

2. Tablet with our order management software

3. Signage to let customers know you’re on the rescueBite app

4. The information hub for your back of house

Restaurant Manager is your all-purpose tool for data, insights, and business management. See feedback, update your menu, and more from this flexible digital hub.

Optimize your menu on the rescueBite platform:

Menu Maker gives you more control over your menu. Tweak items to allow for customization and charge accordingly. Or, take customer feedback into account and update menus on the fly. It’s also found in Restaurant Manager.

Professional menu photos, on us:

You get a free photoshoot as part of your onboarding. Fresh photos of your signature dishes, shot by a pro, can help you stand out in the app.

Tools to help advertise:

Use these digital and print materials to help let people know you’re on the rescueBite app.

Days 3-7: Start accepting orders:

Whether you are using a rescueBite tablet or your own device, you can begin reaching customers once you get an email titled, “Your restaurant is officially live on rescueBite” Once received, learn how to be ready for day one below and start taking orders.

Make managing orders easier:

The front of house is a busy place. With the rescueBite platform you have the tools to cover high volume business efficiently, and flexibility to handle the unexpected.

Restaurant Dashboard does more for you:

The Restaurant Dashboard app comes installed on the tablet you get from us. It lets you manage orders, track deliveries made through the rescueBite platform, and update hours or item availability to keep customers informed.

Connect to a POS system:

Already working with a point-of-sale system? The rescueBite platform can connect with your existing POS, and integrate orders based on your restaurant’s workflow.

Your delivery options:

rescueBite restaurant partners get flexibility at their fingertips. Connect with delivery people using the rescueBite app, and access the power of the platform even when offering customer Pickup. 

Use the rescueBite platform:

Delivery people using the rescueBite platform are driving, pedaling, and scootering to get your food from point A to B, even during the busy times. In fact, their global average delivery time is 30 minutes, and your customers can track the delivery in real time in the app.

Let customers pick up orders:

Expand your rescueBite footprint, give customers more choices, by offering Pickup from your restaurant. It’s a win-win for you and your customers.

Reach further with marketing:

rescueBite marketing solutions can help get even more customers noticing your restaurant and loving your food.

Get more customers noticing you:

Give your restaurant a boost. Run a Sponsored Listing to increase your visibility in high traffic places on rescueBite so more customers can see your restaurant.

Attract a wave of new customers:

Give customers more reasons to try your food. Offer a free item or dollars off an order by setting up a promotion.

Keep regulars coming back:

Treat your restaurant’s biggest fans. Reward customers after they spend or order a certain amount as a way to say, “Thanks.”

More ways to let customers know you're on rescueBite:

We're here to help you market to customers on your own social channels. Download pre-made social assets, website badges, logos, and more so you can get the word out there.

Data you can act on:

Get the valuable insights you need today to improve tomorrow. Sign in to your Restaurant Manager to find interactive data and actionable feedback about your restaurant, down to the details.

Insights about your customers:

See how customers are engaging with your rescueBite storefront and learn about what actions you can take to help drive more sales.

Detailed customer behavior:

From finding your restaurant on the app to ordering their favorite dishes, see a detailed view of how customers interact with your business in the Analytics tab.

Insights hub:

The Insights tab is your one-stop-shop for customer information. There’s no need to interpret graphs or read data—it’s organized so you can focus on making the decisions that matter.

Suggested actions:

Based on data gathered from your business and similar restaurants in your area, we’ll suggest actions you can take to help attract and retain more customers.

What you can do with your data:

These insights can help you uncover ways to boost your business, even beyond what you do with rescueBite.

Improve operations:

Track metrics like offline time and missed orders, down to the hour, and see where you have opportunities to serve customers better.

Grow your business:

Watch your item sales and order trends to monitor the impact of operational changes quickly, so you can expand on what's working for your customers.

Respond to customer reviews:

Take a minute to say thanks, or send an offer to resolve customer concerns. You can reply to any new review within 7 days—and even measure the impact of your replies with repeat order stats.